April 20 - 22, 2012  | Paris, France

Music Hack Paris is a weekend event during which groups of creators gather to imagine, design and build innovative projects around music.
This music hackathon is brought to you by the Google Cultural Institute and Joshfire, in partnership with UNESCO's International Jazz Day

Watch the final video:

The Event


Developers, musicians, researchers, designers, hackers and other creative minds are welcome to build something innovative around music. Teams from 1 to 4 people will be allowed. The event is limited to 100 participants. Visitors are welcome during the Sunday 2pm demos.


Participants are free to experiment on any idea related to music. The goal is to demo a working prototype on Sunday afternoon. Participants are allowed and encouraged to bring laptops and music instruments (synthesizer, guitar, saxophone, theremin...). Recording equipment will be available on site.

The word “Hack” is to be read in its original meaning: makers, coders and inventors come together to build something new, ruthless and brilliant in a short period of time.

Friday evening is dedicated to kickoff, lightning talks and idea brainstorms. Hacking takes place after that until Sunday 2pm where the best hacks will be elected by a jury. Meals will be provided during the whole weekend for breakfasts, lunches and diners. 

The event is free of charge for every participants.

Where and When?

The event will take place at La Cartonnerie in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris starting on the evening of Friday, April 20, 2012. Doors will open on Friday at 6pm and the kickoff presentations will start soon after.

It is possible to stay during the nights. However the doors will be closed from 2am to 9am. The building has a bathroom with showers.

After the weekend

Some participants will be invited to show their creations at the UNESCO headquarter in Paris on Friday 27 12pm during the International Jazz Day and interact with the jazz musicians who will be there, including UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock.

Latest pictures, sounds and videos of the event: